Why order from BEMA?

BEMA Beauty Products was founded in 2008 by Han and Sharon Bruggink. Their roles were clear from the outset, Sharon who has had a private professional beauty salon from the age of 22 works, tests and gives online advice about the make-up, skincare and skin improvement products. Sharon’s customers come from the Netherlands and Germany and wanted to be able to reorder these products easily. To provide her customers with this option, Han therefore started selling the beauty products online. Most brands are being used in daily practice, and this allows us to be able to give excellent advice. Overall this has resulted in 6 different online beauty shops in the Netherlands (3) and in Germany (3) with more than 10,000 products being available.

If you suffer from pimples, acne, rosacea, dry, oily, red or sensitive skin, you can come to BEMA Beauty Products for the products that suit your skin type, but also with any questions about these skin problems. In addition, there are always questions about what foundation or powder make-up products best match different hair colours or pale/light tinted skin, sensitive skin that can hardly tolerate any make-up etc. Because of our 17 years of practical experience as beauticians and makeup artists and intensive product training for our brands, we can advise everyone and provide them with the correct products online.

The Advantages of BEMA Beauty Products:

• We find a customer rating of 9.2/10 and a 97% recommendation rate important factors and something to be PROUD of!
• Advanced searches in all web shops for + 5,000 products
• Secure shopping and payment with SSL secured connection
• Free samples that we try to combine to purchased products
• Always competitively priced and offers of beautiful giftsets
• 14 days to exchange and return
• Money-back satisfaction (excellent and fast handling)
• Fast and easy ordering
• Experts in make-up, skincare and skin improvement products, great in-house knowledge from our customer service
• 14 day payment period post-order
• Very extensive (5,000 +) product range and an extensive on-hand stock
• Fast delivery of your order
• Clear and convenient (our prices always include VAT)